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De Geerdalen

Another day in Nordenskiöld Land, a bit further east this time, again traveled few kilometres only, again spent a lot of time trying to discover something new in the landscape and photograph it. One of these photos led to the spontaneous idea of the easter brainteaser, and I thought that this showed very nicely how a material believed to be rather familiar – glacier ice – suddenly reveals something completely new as soon as you take a new, careful approach to look at it, even for someone who has spent a good part of his life near glaciers.

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Photographically, a bit of a challenge. Millimetre work in freezing degrees. I don’t know if the result justifies the effort, but who cares? One thing is sure: the pleasure of doing it was reason good enough for doing it. Seeing something new and trying to figure out how to photograph it. (or not … ☺)

last modification: 2015-04-25 · copyright: Rolf Stange