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De Geerda­len

Ano­t­her day in Nor­dens­kiöld Land, a bit fur­ther east this time, again tra­v­eled few kilo­me­tres only, again spent a lot of time try­ing to dis­co­ver some­thing new in the land­s­cape and pho­to­graph it. One of the­se pho­tos led to the spon­ta­ne­ous idea of the eas­ter brain­tea­ser, and I thought that this show­ed very nice­ly how a mate­ri­al belie­ved to be rather fami­li­ar – gla­cier ice – sud­den­ly reve­als some­thing com­ple­te­ly new as soon as you take a new, care­ful approach to look at it, even for someo­ne who has spent a good part of his life near gla­ciers.

Click on thumb­nail to open an enlar­ged ver­si­on of the spe­ci­fic pho­to.

Pho­to­gra­phi­cal­ly, a bit of a chal­len­ge. Mil­li­met­re work in free­zing degrees. I don’t know if the result jus­ti­fies the effort, but who cares? One thing is sure: the plea­su­re of doing it was rea­son good enough for doing it. See­ing some­thing new and try­ing to figu­re out how to pho­to­graph it. (or not … ☺)

By the way, my new book is in print and it can now be orde­red 🙂 it is a pho­to book with the tit­le “Nor­we­gens ark­ti­scher Nor­den (3): Die Bären­in­sel und Jan May­en”, with Ger­man text Click here for fur­ther details!



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