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Adventtoppen had been on the wishlist for quite some time already. The problem: it is on the northern side of Adventfjord. A few kilometres only from Longyearbyen, just on the other side of the fjord – on the other side of the fjord. That is exactly the problem.

But as so often in the Arctic, the winter is making life easier. Lower Adventdalen, near the fjord, is pretty much impossible to cross in the summer. The river there is huge. But in winter? A highway. Flat and dry.

A bit of apprenticeship due had to be paid on the first attempt. The upper slope of Adventtoppen is quite steep and the snow surface was hard as concrete. So the boots, nicely warm but too soft, turned out to be not good enough for this purpose. The risk of slipping and sliding down a steep 200 m slope was just too big, so it was not to happen that day.

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Another attempt. Equipped with harder boots and light walking crampons, it suddenly was an easy thing. So Adventtoppen was definitely due that Tuesday. With 786 m, it is obviously not the highest mountain in Longyearbyen’s neighbourhood, but that is not the point. The point is that the top is a point. Not a plateaux, as is so often the case in this area. No, on Adventtoppen, there is one point that has got a splendid 360 degree view ☺ guess what happened there. Of course I had to capture it with 360 degree panorama technique. And as I am a bit behind with this blog, the result is already online: Click here for PanoTour.

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