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The spell that the east coast has on some is strong. Magnetic. For many, coast is coast. East, west, who cares. Buth for others, the east coast is something special. A manifestation of remoteness. It may help when the first visit there took place on a trekking tour and not by snow mobile. Then, the distance has a totally different meaning. Shorter legs of the whole trip require days and not hours or just minutes. Where the landscape appears as a convenient highway in the winter, you have got endless tundra in the summer, swampy wetlands, torrential meltwater rivers, morains, glaciers, … the whole lot. Just read Martin Conway’s „First crossing of Spitsbergen“. Recommended!

And when the east coast is quite easily accessible, it does not necessarily loose that charme. Quite the opposite. It is a great pleasure not to resist the temptation as often as possible. Ice, wideness, silence …

Enough written for today. The photos will do the rest.

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