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Yeeha – today I am starting my northern sailing season! The 3 mast barkentine Antigua is waiting in the harbour of Bodø in north Norway. She has taken 2 weeks to sail up here from Hamburg. I am covering the same distance a bit higher and faster.

A day later, the international group comes on board. Some language mathematics: German + Dutch = English.

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A gentle southwesterly breeze is blowing, while we are leaving the harbour of Bodø, steaming into Vestfjord. 50 nautical miles of open water between here and Reine on Moskenesøya, one of the southern Lofoten islands. Soon, the sails are up. The sea is moderate, but enough for some on the first evening. Others enjoy sailing into the evening sun, while the famous Lofoten wall („Lofotveggen“) is slowly appearing out of a cloud.

last modification: 2015-05-26 · copyright: Rolf Stange