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We are certainly not the first tourists in this area. The German emperor Wilhelm II. was here in 1889. If he had only spent more time traveling and less with politics, it might have saved the world a lot of trouble, who knows.

Despite all the troubles that he had with his job – his own fault! – he managed to travel to Norway quite a lot. And twice he made it to Digermulen, a little village – about 300 inhabitants – at the southern end of Raftsund. That is the strait that separates Austvågøya (Lofoten) from Hinnøya (Vesterålen). There is a mountain next to Digermulen that is called Digerkollen. It is not so terribly diger (big), actually not at all with an altitude of 384 m, that is something we can do. And nobody has to carry up plates of granite with our names incarved after us. We are more than happy with our signatures in the Gipfelbuch (what is that in English?).

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The way up, across stones, mud and snow, takes about 1 ½ hours, with an interesting mixture of rain, sun, snow and sun again. Luckily, it remains sunny as we reach the top, so we can enjoy splendid views of Raftsund, Hinnøya, Austvågøya and and a number of smaller islands. An imperial view, indeed!

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