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Jan Mayen triathlon – 23rd June 2015 – St. Hans

Today we took the opportunity to complete the Jan Mayen triathlon. This includes ascending Beerenberg, the famous Jan Mayen naked swimming and the Kvalross run.

We had done Beerenberg the days before, otherwise it might actually have been a bit tight today, time-wise. So we started the happy event with the naked swimming in Kvalrossbukta. The rules are simple: without any clothes completely under water, officially supervised by the station commander, who had brought a life ring and the nurse. You never know. The exercise was completed by all participants to satisfaction.

The Kvalross run is not to be underestimated: nine kilometres along the road, with several hills, from Kvalrossbukta to the station, that can be quite a bit after the events of the previous days. As I had done this for my part already last year, I focussed on the photographic documentation of the event. I was quite happy with that.

A great coincidence (or good planning on Siggi’s behalf?) brought our last evening on the island together with the Scandinavian midsummer party St. Hans. We had hardly finished our sportive programme, when the Jan Mayen summer games were opened in Båtvika near the station. Guests and hosts formed teams to compete in various disciplines including rope pulling, netball throwing and so on. The pile of driftwood prepared for the fire showed that things were taken very seriously on this island. It was definitely the biggest fire within hundreds of miles, and any passing ship or airplane would have reported a volcanic eruption.

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Enjoying various goodies from the buffet and a complete pig from the grill, visitors and station crew enjoyed a lovely evening and have various chats about life on Jan Mayen and in general, something that was enjoyed by everybody as the impression was. Many thanks to the commander and crew of the Jan Mayen station for a great farewell evening!

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