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Bjørne Øerne & Charcot Havn – 07th September 2015

Jyttes Havn in Bjørne Øerne (Bear Islands) is one of the most beautiful natural harbours in Scoresbysund. Grundtvigskirke and other mountains around eastern Øfjord, almost 2000 metres high, have perfect mirror images on the calm water in the morning sun. The hike up the rocky hills is a bit demanding, but easy for strong hikers and the views are extremely rewarding.

Further south, Charcot Havn is the only useful bay on the eastern side of Milne Land. In contrast to the very old crystalline bedrock that makes up most of inner Scoresbysund, there is some sediment rock on the southern side of the bay, a western outlier of the Jameson Land Basin, and some fossils would be interesting for a change. The slope does not look too promising, the lower part covered with moraine remnants, all crystalline basement rock, where no Mesozoic frutti di mare would have got lost. Further up, there are coarse sandstone blocks. And they have got it all: bivalves, brachiopods, coral fragments, belemnites, the whole lot. Jurassic wadden sea, preserved in the rocks for more than 150 million years, brought to daylight by glaciers and frost action.

Gallery Bjørne Øerne & Charcot Havn – 07th September 2015

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Huge icebergs are drifting every here and there in the late evening light, while Ópal is sailing through Hall Bredning, the wide-open middle part of the Scoresbysund. The water is flat calm, a beautiful evening.

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