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Kongsfjord – 01st Oktober 2015

Last night it looked pretty awful outside. Well, not awful, it was actually quite exciting. Strong winds and dense snow drift. Arctic in winter mode. There was even a snowball fight on deck.

Towards the morning, the weather calmed down and we could easily go ashore on Blomstrand. While we were hiking, the Antigua could even be moved to Ny London, to Mansfield’s old marble mine, to pick us up there. Very nice. And the light, while we were out, you should have seen that! Light snow drift while the sun was going up above the Tre Kroner … gigantic.

Gallery Kongsfjord – 01st Oktober 2015

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The harbour in Ny Ålesund is small, and so is Antigua, so we managed to sneak in to the inner side of the pier, which can be very useful. A calm winter afternoon in Spitsbergen’s northernmost settlement, a calm evening in port, and then we went off, towards Forlandsund, towards Isfjord. There is currently still a bit of swell in outer Kongsfjord, but not so bad anymore, and it will be calm again soon, in Forlandsund.

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