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Isfjord – 02nd Oktober 2015

Back in Isfjord, and the lights are going on. A sunset, that is moving more and more towards noon, is throwing a soft pinkish-red light onto the snow-covered mountain tops. The tundra is frozen, the moss beds, soft and wet just a short while ago, are hard as concrete. A few small rivulets are still running under an icy cover, just a few spots of running water are still exposed. Soon, they will also turn into ice, and nothing will move here until well into the next spring.

Only some reindeer are moving here and there, and a group of ptarmigan high up on the slope.

Either there are no whales in Isfjord anymore, or they have already left for the Azores or wherever they spend their winter. Instead, we have time for a short late afternoon landing. Our choice is Skansbukta, a classic. The glowing evening light on Gipshuken, a mountain on the opposite shore, is the undisputed highlight.

Gallery Isfjord – 02nd Oktober 2015

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A cosy evening alongside the pier in Pyramiden. We are wondering if we will get northern light. The sky is largely clear, and the moon is shining on Nordenskiöldbreen. The potential is not bad at all.

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