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Barents Sea & Bear Island – 26th and 27th May 2016

26th and 27th May 2016 − We left Norway too soon behind as always. A day in Tromsø, full of impressions, people and a bit of a to-do-list, makes a day go by very quickly. Fugløya was, in the late evening of the same day, rather devoid of birds, it did not do justice to its name at all. Who knows where they were that night.

The Barents Sea: not really calm and not really wild. A breeze, good sailing wind, the engine can have a day off. Lectures replace the whales, which are anywhere today but not where we are.

Bear Island: not really in good mood but not really bad either. Windy, grey, wet. But we did manage to make a landing, in a small, hidden bay on the southeast coast. This is as much as you can realistically expect on a normal day up here. A stiff breeze, lively swell, low clouds, rain showers. This is not unheard of at Bear Island. The only thing to do is to find a coast with as much shelter as possible and to make the best of it. This is exactly what we did, and it was good.

But it wasn’t good enough to visit the station, unfortunately. Just too much wind, waves and swell coming around the coast. A shame, we had been looking forward to the station, and the people there were very friendly on the radio, already looking forward to the fresh newspapers Birgit had bought for them in Norway.

Gallery – Barents Sea & Bear Island – 26th and 27th May 2016

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Fresh wind is again filling the sails now as we are making our way north now, towards Hornsund. Up and down the waves. Activating the brain to recycle the memore and the stomach to do principally the same with recent meals, in some cases. So we are all looking forward to Spitsbergen’s sheltered bays now.

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