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Tempelfjord – 02nd June 2016

Already the last day of this trip. Unbelievable how quickly more than 1000 miles go by. The fine tundra on Diabasodden – just weeks ago the scene of a memorable polar bear encounter – is home to rather curious reindeer who approach us repeatedly. That is how it should be, not the other way around Barnacle geese and Brünich’s guillemots are sitting on the steep basalt cliffs, a ptarmigan is on lookout on a rock, somewhere a fox is looking for prey.

Gallery Tempelfjord – 02nd June 2016

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Beautiful Tempelfjord is the scene for a final scenic cruise (admittedly, we are also still looking for a polar bear, but wherever they currently are, we don’t know …) before a last little landing, with scenery, some natural history and arctic silence, rounds the trip off.

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