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Isfjord – 11th June 2016

As unpleasant as the weather had been yesterday afternoon near Magdalenefjord, there was only one thing to do: put the foot down and leave the area, steaming south and towards new places, far away from the dark, low clouds. Nice scenery under a blue sky, that would be good now, for the last day of this voyage. A presentation, a film and Captain’s dinner make the afternoon go past quickly.

So we awoke today deep in Isjord. It had worked well, the impressive mountains around Billefjorden are enlightened by bright sunshine. We take a walk under the fortress-like cliffs of mount Skansen, having a look at the remains of an old gypsym mine and at the remains of lagoons from the days when Spitsbergen was still part of a large landmass near the equator. A little group of reindeer is roaming the tundra close to us. We enjoy the impressions and the surroundings in arctic silence.

Gallery Isfjord – 11th June 2016

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Pyramiden is also largely a silent place, but otherwise so completely different from the other places we had seen so far. A strong visual contrast to everything the arctic had given us so far, a last place that rounds our Spitsbergen experience off to make it as complete as can be.

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