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Wahlen­bergfjord – 22nd July 2016

We did get wind, today in Wahlen­bergfjord. This did not keep us from making a nice litt­le lan­ding in a hid­den cor­ner some­whe­re in Palan­der­buk­ta.

In the after­noon, things got inte­res­ting. Nice sai­ling wind to move under sails into Wahlen­bergfjord, until the incre­a­sing den­si­ty of ice­bergs and ber­gy bits from Bod­ley­breen for­ced us to mane­ouvre more and more. We did nevertheless mana­ge to get into the inner­most bay, just to find a beau­ti­ful spe­ci­men of a strong polar bear wal­king around in a morai­ne the­re.

Not just one, a fema­le with a first-year cub ran up on the gla­cier and away from the strong one, most likely a male. Three polar bears are three good rea­sons for not going ashore, much to the reg­ret of the hiking group who were rea­dy to go ashore and start the hike across Nord­aus­t­land to Rijpfjord. It was not meant to hap­pen today.

The wind deli­ve­r­ed an impres­si­ve dis­play of for­ce. To begin with, it cal­med com­ple­te­ly down, giving way to beau­ti­ful reflec­tions of the migh­ty gla­cier Bod­ley­breen and the ice­bergs on the water. But this was liter­al­ly just the eye of the storm. Soon, the wind retur­ned with incre­a­sed for­ce from the oppo­si­te direc­tion. The ancho­red drag­ged hopel­ess­ly and had to be lifted soo­nest.

Gal­le­ry Wahlen­bergfjord – 22nd July 2016

Click on thumb­nail to open an enlar­ged ver­si­on of the spe­ci­fic pho­to.

Mane­ou­v­ring the ship out of the way while the anchor was still in the water gave Cap­tain Joa­chim gre­at fun on the bridge. Altog­e­ther it was a very impres­si­ve dis­play of both the beau­ty and the powers of natu­re in the arc­tic.

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