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Bråsvellbreen, Vibebukta – 24th July 2016

A big advantage of circumnavigating Nordaustland clockwise is that you have to sail along the long glacier front, the longest one of the northern hemisphere. This ice cliff is a phenomenon even if you just follow it for just a few miles. But for more than half a day, that is a different kind of experience, something very unique. It just doesn’t stop, it is just going on and on and on. Part of the ice cap has surged in recent years, there are still large numbers of icebergs drifting in these waters.

Gallery Bråsvellbreen, Vibebukta – 24th July 2016

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We found ideal conditions for a landing in Vibebukta, which was especially nice as we have several people on board who had been with us before, for example in 2011 when we had to cancel a landing there because of a polar bear on shore or in 2015 when the whole area was blocked by ice. Nice to get there now, for a short walk and a bit of a hike, on lower and higher hills, enjoying views over the coastal plain, the ice cap and some insight into earth history.

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