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Bellsund – 28th/29th July 2016

28th/29th July 2016 – The thin layer of fog that had cast such magical light effects over Hornsund yesterday had grown over night into a solid, low lying cloud cover, making the world appear much more grey than it had been yesterday. But both the little impressions of the colourful tundra as the views from elevations are as beautiful as we had been hoping for.

We go separate ways at least for a while in the afternoon. While one group is visiting a bird cliff, making friends with little auks, polar foxes and reindeer with huge antlers, another group is crossing Nathorst Land from north to south. Yellow and red fragments of claystone are lying on the black and soft ground, while we are working our way up the hill, enjoying wide views over Van Mijenfjorden with Akseløya, Fridtjovbreen and Reindalen. Small, but deeply incised tributary valleys require extra effort and sweat, until we have reached the highest part. Down a steep slope, and soon the tents are standing on a bit of tundra, exactly where each and every raindrop has to make his decision: north to Van Mijenfjord or south to Van Keulenfjord. We enjoy a nice evening in beautiful surroundings and with good atmosphere while the cookers are humming.

We awake to the sound of raindrops on the canvas. The rain is not strong, but enough to make the world around as grey and wet. We follow a little valley, frequently changing from one side of the little stream to the other, while it is getting bigger with every tributary weather.

Gallery Bellsund – 28th-29th July 2016

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A little glacier on the side has a huge surprise for us. A little hole of a small meltwater river turns out to be a huge cave inside. Ice is glittering far above us and to our sides, a wonderful world. We go 20 metres, 30 metres, the end is in darkness. An impressive place.

Outside, it remains wet and grey. We find some watersfalls along our way and finally we are happy as Antigua’s masts appear from the fog.

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