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Nordaustland – 10th-12th August 2016

10th-12th August 2016 – Exciting days on the north coast of Nordaustland. To the south, there are the large ice caps, and to the north, the Arctic Ocean. Between them, a narrow stripe of barren, ice-free land. It has plenty of rocks and lichens. Anything else is rare or absent.

And yet, there is so much. Impressions that are hard to squeeze into words. Landscapes that have a lot of NOTHING. I don’t mean the absence of anything that could catch the eye or mind. Quite the opposite: there is a lot of something that might be described as NOTHING. Maybe emptyness is another term that makes the point. Any attempt to describe this would soon get bogged down in a long list of stones and rocks, shorelines and glaciers, bays and fjords. Every flower, no matter how small, becomes an attraction, any change of rock catches our attention. It probably doesn’t sound very exciting unless you have experienced the great NOTHING yourself. Many could probably stand in this landscape and wouldn’t experience the great NOTHING, but just see – nothing.

Gallery – Nordaustland – 10th-12th August 2016

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We happened to visit the Haudegen station, the last outpost of German soldiers during the second world war. A military weather station that was not relieved before September 1945, when a ship came from Norway. Another place we visited was inner Brennevinsfjord, where the Glen expedition from Oxford had a base for their research on the ice cap Vestfonna in 1935-36. The edge of the ice cap is just a few minutes walking away from the shore and it is easily accessible.

Now we are on our way into Hinlopen Strait.

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