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Storfjord – 15th August 2016

Now we have to move one, we still have many miles to go to the west coast, up to Isfjord, and to Longyearbyen. We are passing Mohnbukta. The overland trip from there to Longyearbyen would just take a few hours, but that’s another season, another way of getting around … Agardhbukta follows, from here it would be a hike of 4-5 days for strong walkers. That is about the amount of time that we still have for the long trip around the south cape.

My personal memories of the following two days are not quite complete, as we keep steaming through two nights. Initially, Heinrich, Kerstin and I take shifts, which we then reduce to Heinrich and me during the second night so Kerstin can take care of landings, which I am missing. A strange experience for me, but this way we can keep moving, which is important now. How did we make this work until last year, without a second guide? I don’t know.

But we do make landings. In Isbukta, we make an unusual observation: a Harp seal on a piece of glacier ice! Very close to us, the characteristic fur pattern is clearly visible. Then the group makes a hike on shore.

Gallery – Storfjord – 15th August 2016

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We pass the infamous south cape during the night. Calm seas and reasonable weather allow Heinrich to execute a nautical masterpiece as he is navigating Arctica through through a narrow and shallow passage north of the small islands, saving a good 20 nautical miles on our way to Hornsund. Good thing, as it starts rolling as we reach the west coast.

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