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Straumsland – 14th August 2016

The Norwegian weather forecast is currently not worth the paper it is written on (and we don’t even print it). We should have been able to sail and make landings comfortably in calm conditions. In real life, we have had quite strong winds last night and today morning, enjoying some real sailing. But even in a lee side position, it was too windy to make a landing today morning.

So we continued southwards out of Hinlopen Strait in order to make use of the precious time, even though it was a bumpy road on the way to Heleysund. So great there is this well-sheltered bay there, what would we do without it? Even there, we spent the afternoon on board, waiting for the wind to settle down, but we did that in all comfort and safety. In the evening, it calmed down and we enjoyed a nice hike around Straumsland, the arctic showing herself in peace and beauty again.

Gallery – Straumsland – 14th August 2016

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We are steaming southwards in Storfjord through the night. The remaining days are getting fewer and we have to make sure we are getting back to the west coast now. Skipper and guides are taking shifts, passengers act as co-pilots during the night hours. See where we end up tomorrow. Currently we have Mohnbukta in the most beautiful midnight sun light on our starboard side.

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