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Pyramiden – 06th/7th September 2016

Pyramiden had been a bit of the centerpiece of this voyage for us, so we were all looking forward to this day that should bring us there. On the way, we even saw a polar bear near Nordenskiöldbreen, although quite distant and just laying on the tundra. But anyway – it is not an everyday thing to see a polar bear on a trip to Pyramiden!

The landing itself was done by Zodiac, as the pier was occupied. The Zodiac maneouvre was a masterpiece in the art of ruining a propeller, but we made it all well ashore, before we joined Sascha’s guided walk through Pyramiden, which was another masterpiece and a good warmup exercise for us. The little difference was that it was just the start for us and the end for everybody else.

We made a little stroll around to have a look at less frequently visited parts of Pyramiden, leaving cameras behind for the time being, focussing on the experience and on making plans for the next days. In the evening, we went for a little low light photography session, followed by a closer look at some of the old mining installations at the foot of mount Pyramiden the next day.

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