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Magdalenefjord – 15th September 2016

Some days later and already back on Antigua, already far north again. The days in Longyearbyen are always far too short, much too much to do, not enough time to get things done, to see friends, to relax. The north is calling.

The first day of this trip – well, let’s say it was dramaturgically well positioned, meaning it could only improve from here. Ny Ålesund in pouring rain, nothing else to say. Well, at least we made the next leg north from there under sail. Have I ever before not taken a single photo during the first two days of a trip?

But … then! We awoke in Magdalenefjord. Still cloudy, but the cloud cover higher than the rugged mountain peaks, covered with fresh snow. First impressions of the rough beauty of the arctic scenery. Mountains, glaciers, whalers’ graves, colourful stones.
The first wildlife sighting directly a rather rare species (a wheatear), a polar fox was not far, but could be seen just for seconds.

Gallery Magdalenefjord – 15th September 2016

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After a visit to Waggonwaybreen and a landing at the trappers’ hut in Bjørnhamna, we dropped anchor for the night near Smeerenburgbreen. A majestic scenic setting and great evening light! That is how you dream of a September evening up here.

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