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Skrolsvik, Harstad – 01st November 2016

We came to Skrolsvik on our way south, a little village on the southern end of Senja. Skrolsvik used to be a fishing village in the past, as most small places here. Nicely located between mountains, enlighted by the morning sund – north Norway can be so beautiful!

The old shop (Gammelbutikken), nowadays a museum, was opened by the owners, Kristin and Gunnar, especially for us. A little time machine, putting us 90 year back in history, into those days, when fishermen from the outer islands came in with their rowing boats every now and then to deliver their catch and to buy flour. Their wives would stay for 3 days to bake bread, as there was an ovn in the shop, which the fishers did not have at their homes. And if the weather was bad, 3 days could quickly turn into a week or even more. Different times … life is certainly easier today.

Of course, there is plenty of nature around Skrolsvik, skog og fjell (woodlands and mountains) and you can do different hikes. If we only had more time!

But we had plans for the afternoon. The passage to Harstad went under the most beautiful noon sunlight. Elsewhere you would probably call it morning light or evening atmosphere or whatever, it does not matter, it means all the same here and now. It was almost dark as we entered the harbour of Harstad close to 4 p.m.

Some of us went to explore the aspects of zivilisation that Harstad has to offer, like shops and cafés. Others ventured on a little bus tour to visit some museums on the nearby Trondenes peninsula. We learnt that Harstad used to be the centre of political and economical power in north Norway over many centuries until it was quite recently outdone by Tromsø. The famous viking chiefs who killed the christian king of Norway St. Olav lived here. Later, they built a beautiful church here, the largest one in Norway north of Trondheim for a long time. And during the war, the Nazis built some mighty guns as part of their coastal fortification.

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After a cosy evening in port in Harstad, we continued southwards to get to Raftsund and Trollfjord during daylight. The weather is supposed to remain nice! Yeah! 🙂

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