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Reine & Nusfjord – 20 May, 2017

We went alongside in Reine in the earliest morning hours. Not that I took much notice, initially. I was not far away, physically. But you have to get a little bit of sleep at some stage. Even though it is not yet midnight sun time here. Oficially, the sun is still going down for 3 hours or so. But there is no darkness, of course.

It is a bit overcast, but calm and dry, so we take the Zodiacs to cruise deep into Reinefjord for a good hike. We follow a shallow bay and climb up a ridge that separates the inner branches of Reinefjord from the outer coast. There, we have one of these wide, white sand beaches that the outer side of the Lofoten islands is famous for. Beautiful! If it was just 20 degrees warmer, we could spend a lazy day on the beach … but it is quite fresh, and we are happy about that. We rather enjoy the views of the steep granite walls around the bay. Stunning scenery! A high-alpine mountain chain at sea level.

Gallery – Reine & Nusfjord – 20 May, 2017

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A visit to the lovely little old fishing village of Nusfjord in the afternoon makes the day complete, before we set course for Kabelvåg for a calm night alongside in the harbour.

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