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Bear Island – 25th May, 2017

Bear Island can be a tough place, as exposed as its rocky cliff coasts are lying in the middle of the wild northern sea. But the northern sea is not always wild, and it does have its advantages to know some good places. It feels good to get solid Bear Island ground under the rubber boots again! To stand on top of the cliffs, watching down on guillemots, fulmars and puffins. Further inland, most of the ground is still snow covered, the soil largely frozen.

Gallery – Bear Island – 25th May, 2017

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The weather is on our side, and we make good use of that. It is a rare and great opportunity to circumnavigate the whole southern tip of Bear Island in Zodiacs. Bird cliff after bird cliff, ten thousands of Brünich’s and common guillemots, kittywakes and fulmars. Steep cliffs more than 400 metres high, offshore stacks, coastal caves and narrow passages, one miracle of nature after the other, some of them being small, others quite large. All of them beautiful and impressive. The Norwegians have a good word to describe this kind of landscape, they call it „trollsk“. A mystery landscape, with hidden treasures, with some kind of magic about it. I don’t know of a fitting English word. Trollsk, that’s it, that describes the southern tip of Bear Island perfectly well, with Glupen and Sylen, Stappen and Perleporten.

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