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Hornsund – 28th May, 2017

We are getting to Hornsund in the late evening. A calm night at anchor near a glacier which is shining in the sun – what a place, what a life! These are words by Wanny Woldstad, who spent some years in Hornsund in the 1930s. She must have known!

We have also got a good life here, not for several years, but for one day, at least. We start with a walk at Gnålodden. Snow and ice, rocks and tundra, seabirds on the cliff, views of glaciers and mountains.

Gallery – Hornsund – 28th May, 2017

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Later, we see even more ice and more glaciers in innermost Hornsund. Now we are leaving the fjord, silently under sail, as they have done it here for centuries.

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