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Eidembukta-Alkhornet – 30th May, 2017

We were yesterday blown into Eidembukta, the best place to stay as things were. It was a nice passage under sails. And today? The day starts with bright sunshine. And almost no ripple on the water! Let’s go ashore!

Wide-open west coast tundra land, a lot of snow in the lowlands, some rocky hills. And reindeer. And reindeer. And, in case I have not yet mentioned it, reindeer. They were almost stalking us.

Later in Isfjord, we were blessed with a very rare encounter. A blue whale! The largest animal ever created by evolution. Brought to the edge of exctinction by mankind. And one of a few thousand of them which are still around in the world’s oceans is now and here swimming around Antigua. How great is that!

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We are happy to spend some time with the big blue whale, making our afternoon landing a bit shorter. Still, it turns out to be a very fine tour at Alkhornet.

last modification: 2017-06-01 · copyright: Rolf Stange