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Billefjord – 1st May, 2017

In the morning, the wind turns directly into Skansbukta, which does not happen too often. But the eastern side of Billefjord is perfectly sheltered. And perfectly sunny. A good opportunity for a final landing of this trip. Beach ridges and marine terasses, driftwood and the Billefjorden fault zone, we spend time with all of this as well as with the beautiful views and the silence.

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We have not yet given up hope for a polar bear sighting. We are pretty sure that one or two polar bears will be around in the area. There is still ice in Adolfbukta in front of Nordenskiöldbreen and in Petuniabukta, with plenty of seals. We keep watching until the eyes start burning. Nothing in terms of polar bears. Well, you can’t have it all within a few days. A polar bear sighting would have been the icing on the cake, but this cake has been a great one even without icing on it. It is a great trip that is coming to an end now as we approach Longyearbyen.

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