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Daily Archives: 20. June 2017 − News & Stories

Jan Mayen – Kvalrossbukta – 20th June 2017

Clouds have been hanging low most of the time around Kvalrossbukta recently. It is clearing up a bit towards the afternoon, and the mountain Kvalrossen is inviting for a little hike. The large coastal stack Brielletårnet is supposed to be similar to a tower in the Dutch town of Brielle. I am not sure about that, but I know that Brielletårnet is a stunning landscape gadget on the outer side of Kvalrossen. We climb and play around there for a while. I also do not want to miss the opportunity for a climb up Kvalrossen itself, with nice views and the chance to see puffins and fulmars on their nests.

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Time has been flying. We have to think about departure tomorrow. This last day on the island is nicely rounded off in good atmosphere with a bonfire on the beach.

Evacuation in Longyearbyen ended after four months

In mid-February, an avalanche from the mountain Sukkertoppen hit houses in Longyearbyen and destroyed two buildings. 92 households were evacuated. The last inhabitants in way 226 could now return to their houses on the weekend.

Whether and for how long they can stay in their homes is still completely unclear. Extensive security measures are planned to protect the houses from avalanches. However, several houses in the avalanche area may have to be demolished. Probably the residents in way 226 can only use their houses during the summer.

Place where the avalanche accident occured

Lawinenunglück 21.02.2017

Source: Svalbardposten


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