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92 households in Longyearbyen evacuated

92 households in Longyearbyen are currently being evacuated because further avalanches are feared. The avalanche, which yesterday damaged two houses in way 228, was obviously underestimated by the authorities in advance. During the night at least one more avalanche has come down on Gruve 7 way, but luckily without doing any damage.

On the basis of an unclear situation, the avalanche warning was now raised to the highest level 4. 92 households in Longyearbyen are being evacuated, but also a more extensive evacuation is considered, and maybe the sports hall has to be used as an emergency shelter. Two houses with six households were yesterday strongly damaged by avalanches. There was an avalanche warning, but it did not affect any buildings.

However, a lot of people in Longyearbyen don’t trust the avalanche warning system anymore. Last year two people were killed in an avalanche accident in their homes, which still awakens some bad memories.

Source: Svalbardposten, NVE

last modification: 2017-02-22 · copyright: Rolf Stange