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Bohemanflya – 28th July 2017

Today is the day to start the next tour, „advanced Spitsbergen“ with Arctica II. Another highlight of the ongoing arctic summer season!

The sun is smiling as we gather on bord, skipper Heinrich, my colleague Timon and 9 brave travellers. We have got 18 exciting days ahead of us to explore Spitsbergen together.

The water is flat as a mirror as we move out into Isfjord, so we do not want to miss the opportunity to make a landing at Bohemanneset. This wide, flat peninsula is so exposed in the middle of Isfjord, surrounded by shallow waters, that it takes some luck with the weather to get here. And of course we do take the opportunity as we have it today! So we make our first landing just about 2 hours after departure from Longyearbyen, and it turns out to be quite a long excursion of several hours. It is as if nature had created a botanical garden here, a theme park „flora of the tundra“. So many species, including some unusual ones. What a colourful abundance!

We walk to the huts of Rijpsburg, where the time of commercial coal mining in Spitsbergen was started in 1899. Some years later, Hjalmar Johansen wintered here, Fridtjof Nansen’s famous comrade and sleeping bag mate from the Fram expedition, together with the German journalist Theodor Lerner. Hilmar Nøis, who became a local legend as a trapper, followed in later years. So great to be here, where all this happened – I have told some of those stores in my new book about arctic christmas stories, which I sent to the printer today! How great is that? How appropriate to get to the scene of these adventures a couple of hours later?

Gallery – Bohemanflya – 28th July 2017

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