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Chermsideøya-Langgrunnodden – 06th August 2017

Ice and fog got denser and denser as we sailed into Rijpfjord last night, so in the end we had to turn around. One potential anchorage after the other was blocked by ice, so we just had to continue until we finally found a calm place at Chermsideøya. That is the place with the famous geoglyphs, where everybody put the name of their ship onto the ground with rocks: the Jäderin (Arc-de-Meridian expedition, 1898), the Krassin (rescued Nobile in 1928, the German submarine that brought the crew of the war weather station out to Haudegen in inner Rijpfjord in 1944.
We met some more ice with wildlife on the way to the west. No polar bears on ice, wherever they are.

Gallery – Chermsideøya-Langgrunnodden – 06th August 2017

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We managed to do another landing on Nordaustland, on Langgrunnodden. Another place where you don’t get every day now we are moving southwards in Hinlopen Strait. For the first time in this trip, we have got some noticeable wind and sea. Of course, it is headwind. Well, just for a couple of hours.

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