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Sørkapp & Raksodden – 11th August 2017

The south cape lived up to its bad reputation, with wind force 7-8. At least it was coming from a useful direction, pushing us under sails up to a good 11 knots. Not bad for this 40 ton steel monster that they call a sailing boat.

We were all more than happy when we reached a reasonably sheltered anchorage south of Hornsund. It was great to stretch legs a little bit in the wide-open west coast tundra. The most unforgettable part of this landing was probably Heinrich’s special maneouvre when picking us up. It resulted in a wet skipper, something he and we will survive. But we do regret the loss of the engine. Well, only three more full days to go. We will make do without.

Gallery – Sørkapp & Raksodden – 11th August 2017

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All we need now is a well-sheltered anchorage and some hours of sleep. Hornsund was nothing but a wind funnel and further north, the sea was raging white. Well, we should reach a calm place in Recherchefjord just after 5 a.m. …

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