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Billefjord – 14th August 2017

On the last day of such a long, intense trip, it is allowed to be a little bit wistful. 18 days are still too short!

There was a choice in the morning, a tour through the settlement of Pyramiden or a hike on the mountain Pyramiden. Most went for the old Russian mining settlement.

Then it was time for our final landing. We went to Skansbukta, a classic for good reasons. We enjoyed it.

There was some successful fishing before we came back to Adventfjord, so we had some fresh fish to enjoy for later. Then, we were soon alongside in the harbour in Longyearbyen. Same place as 18 days ago, but still everything is different. It is a big difference if you have such a big voyage ahead of you or behind you.

Gallery – Billefjord – 14th August 2017

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We enjoyed a lot of beautiful, intense days together, mostly with a lot of weather luck, we had the wildlife, the whole lot … thanks to all of you who were there, it was great!

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