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Billefjord – 05th September 2017

The last blog entry was from Billefjord a few weeks ago, and now I start again in Billefjord. After all, it is one of Spitsbergen’s most beautiful fjords!

The idea was to spend a couple of days in Pyramiden. Not just the usual 2 hours, which leave you with 8 minutes here and 12 minutes there. There are those who say that you will not find the essence of Spitsbergen’s beauty in a deserted Russian coal mining settlement, and yes, there is something about that. Pyramiden is something different. What you find there is the slightly bizarre fascination of … well … a deserted Russian coal mining settlement in the Arctic. And that is more than enough for a couple of days

So we moved there with a few little things that we needed for some days. A fresh pair of socks, some chocolate, some camera gear. After all, we wanted to have some fun. The trip to Pyramiden went quickly, thanks to the weather, the scenery and the traditional procedures on board. Something with whisky and glacier ice.

Pyramiden gave us a very friendly welcome, starting from a weather perspective. First impressions in stunning evening light, as it comes on a fine September evening. Something July simply cannot provide in these latitudes! It is great to find new perspectives on well-known impressions and to find new details. You will always find something new in Pyramiden, it is just a matter of keeping one’s eyes open.

Gallery – Billefjord – 05th September 2017

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By the way, you may almost come to Pyramiden for a wellness holiday these days! They have done a lot to make the hotel a pleasant place to be. The „Sovjet style“ rooms have kept the atmosphere of the old days, but it is nice to stay there. And the stuff that comes out from the kitchen … not bad, not bad at all!

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