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Harstad – 01st November 2017

The history of the area goes back thousands of years, and it has got many chapters, most of them rather unpleasant. We had a look at some of that during the morning’s excursion to the Trondenes peninsula.

The Adolf gun (they really use that term in public) was part of Hitler’s fortification of the Atlantic coast. The sheer dimensions and the technology of this large cannon are as impressive as its background: people do obviously not save any effort or money when it comes to destroying something. If they only put a fraction of that effort and money into making things better … well. At least, the Adolf gun was never fired in anger, only for testing and practising.

Nearby Trondenes Museum took us through centuries of local history. Stone age hunters and fishers, vikings, early Christians, stockfish trade and so on.

Gallery – Harstad – 01st November 2017

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Directly upon leaving, the sails went up. Soon we thought we might have to take them down again after no time, as we were almost stationary in the straits northeast of Harstad. But then, the wind came back, more sails went up, and we got a lovely and exciting bit of sailing, I mean real sailing, up to a good 10 knots. A quick turn – the coast just did not want to move, so we had to – and finally the wind died down again and the took the sails down. Just in time for the bridge at Risøysund, which is always good for an interesting passage (bridge height 30 metres, height of Antigua’s main mast: 31 meters. So that works!).

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