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Gibostad-Finnsnes-Harstad – 31st October 2017

Gibostad welcomed us with a bit of a surprise: this nice, snow-covered, historical pier where we had gone alongside was close for traffic. Too old, not safe. So there was no evening walk.

But of course we wanted to have a look at the place, so we just use the zodiac to go ashore in a small boat harbour around the corner. A pittoresque little ville on the beautiful island of Senja, with an „old city“ at the small boat harbour. The „nostalgic bakery“ was closed, unfortunately 🙂 but that was not the point. The point was the beautiful landscape, the stunning light, the snow, all the lovely little details to discover. It was all there.

Also in Finnsnes, we took the opportunity to have a look around. A calm, small north Norwegian town. Not the centre of the world, but if that is what you are looking for, then north Norway is not your place anyway. But again, lovely evening colours (at 3 p.m.!) on the mountains, and a little, already frozen lake in a small forest in the middle of town.

Gallery – Gibostad-Finnsnes-Harstad – 31st October 2017

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The stunning evening light stayed with us until it gave way to twilight and then darkness. The sky remained clear, so we were of course curious what the evening might bring. The aurora forecast was not exactly optimistic, but so what, after all it was just a forecast! Reality is still a different thing. And indeed, later in the evening, there was a northern light! Faint, but clearly visible at times!

By the way, this website has got its own info site about northern lights, including some northern light photo tips from Rolf.

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