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Barents Sea

Always keeping a good eye on the weather forecast, we decided in Stokmarknes to make this our departure point from the mainland of Norway and to set course directly for the Barents Sea and Bear Island. There is a lot of wind in the north Atlantic, and if we are too late, we will get more of it than we will like, and we will get it on the nose. So, better to be out early to avoid that! Taking off here and now, we have a good chance for very fair sailing winds on our way north.

 Barents Sea

Setting course for the Barents Sea and Bear Island

So we said goodbye and farewell to mainland Norway in Stokmarknes and a few hours later we were already at sea. Sails up and course for Bear Island (Bjørnøya)! That was our motto for the next roundabout 44 hours. Sun, sailing with 9-10 knots, those were the themes of the day on Wednesday. The same, just without sun, on Thursday morning, but now we have got Bear Island 20 miles ahead of us and we will drop anchor in a very few hours!

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