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The passage during the night from Hornsund up to Bellsund could have been a bit smoother, but it was all forgotten when we were greeted by some very curious reindeer in Bellsund, with a glacier in the background! So we did later, standing on a little hill, enjoying an amazing view over the fast ice in Van Mijenfjord.

Svalbard Reindeer, Bellsund

Svalbard Reindeer are smaller than their relatives on the mainland.

Later we saw some walrusses, also with a great scenic backdrop. Bellsund is one of Spitsbergen’s most beautiful places. It is easy to get lost here, mentally!


View over Bellsund

And now there are some kilos of plastic less on the beaches in Bellsund. We also removed a fishing net. There was a smaller piece of fishing net where 2 reindeer had got entangled. At least one of them had died with the net in the antlers. The other one may have escaped. Awful! This whole plastic issue will stay with us for a long time, I am afraid. There is still a looooot of work to do. Most of it far south of Spitsbergen, by the way.

Other than that: another beautiful day in the Arctic!


Remains of fishing nets and other plastic waste have often travelled thousands of miles before they end up on Spitsbergen.

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