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The Spitsbergen-Calendar 2019 is available

Our already almost traditional Spitsbergen-calender ist now available for 2019. It is available as before in the bigger A3 format (beautiful on the wall) and the smaller A5 (great for example on the table or on the wall where not so much space is available).

Spitsbergen-Calendar 2019

With arctic impressions through the year: the new calendar Spitsbergen 2019 is now available.

As opposed to other offers available on the market, we select a set of 12 entirely new photos every year to create a completely new calendar with fresh impressions, showing some of Spitsbergen’s most beautiful sides including scenery, wildlife and flowers.

Spitsbergen-Calendar 2019

Unusual perspective of an impressive landscape: the ice cap Austfonna seen from the air.

Unusual perspectives of remote places together with stunning wildlife photos form a good part of the selection, which is completed by flowers and stunning scenery of polar landscapes and ice.

Spitsbergen-Calendar 2019

Of course there are some polar bears in the calendar 🙂

Click here to see all images of the Spitsbergn calender 2019, more information and ordering.

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