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Danskøya – 04th June 2019

We had reached the northwestern corner of Spitsbergen over night. Here, in the high north, the land was still covered with a thick layer of snow, so we got the snow shoes out and went for a lovely walk.

On the way to Smeerenburgbreen (-glacier), we found two walruses. One of them was quite curious and swam towards the ship. The wildlife encounters that involve the curiousity of the animals as much as ours are always the best ones!

Finally we took the opportunity to revive an old and almost forgotten tradition. We went to the „postbox“ in Kobbefjord on Danskøya, a cairn where northgoing ships used to leave mail. This was often their last opportunity for weeks or even months to make contact with the outside world! Southbound ships went and took the mail with them if the opportunity occured and delivered the letters to a post office in Norway. Let’s see when our postcards arrive at their destination …?

Gallery – Danskøya – 04th June 2019

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Some harbour seals have already occupied their summer position on rocks on shallow waters just off the shore.

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