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Kongsfjord – 29th June 2019

Another beautiful day – something you should not take for granted here in Spitsbergen these days, considering the weather forecast. There are some strong low pressures around in the north Atlantic. But Kongsfjord was the right place at the right time. We spent the morning sitting high up at a bird cliff, enjoying stunning views and a lively concert of Brünich’s guillemots and kittiwakes.

Gallery – Kongsfjord – 29th June 2019

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Also Ny-Ålesund was quite lively, especially in and around Kongsfjordbutikken, with a large group of tourists from eastern Asia. Very lively. A slightly different kind of arctic tourism. It seems to be in their nature to be … efficient. In other words: soon it was calm again, so we could turn our attention to the airship mast and the history of the north pole expeditions.

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