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Dicksonfjord – 03rd July 2019

We have moved into some of the inner branches of Isfjord to enjoy some fantastic scenery although the weather is actually quite grey. Still, it is beautiful. And we meet a pod of Belugas in reddish meltwater.

Kapp Smith was one of the places where the age of systematic science and exploration began in Spitsbergen: this is where the Norwegian photogrammetric expedition of 1936 was based. Airplanes rather than dog sledges. Today, turnstones and arctic terns live on the beautifully colourful tundra.

Gallery – Dicksonfjord – 03rd July 2019

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Many of us hike from Dicksonfjord to Ekmanfjord, following a colourful carpet of various flowers. The rocks are full of fossils, others consist of white anhydrite („gypsym“). Pink-footed geese are breeding in flat tundra areas, and red-throated divers are sitting on a small lake.

We spend a beautifully calm night at anchor, while the clouds are coming down lower and lower.

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