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Forlandsund – 05th July 2019

It does not happen too often that we visit one and the same place twice during one trip. But today, we are back at Sarstangen, where we started – feels like months ago! Back then, we had the two polar bears, which was great, but … we could obviously not visit the walruses. But today was the day for that.

Additionally, we cleaned up a section of the beach, so a lot of marine plastic litter is now removed from the beach and stowed in bags on deck on Antigua.

Gallery – Forlandsund – 05th July 2019

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Later, we anchored in Selvågen on Prins Karls Forland. Every once in a while, a few raindrops where fallling, but not too much, and other than that, the clouds made for a beautiful, quiet, almost melancholic atmosphere. We could make some lovely walks and hikes across the tundra plains and up to some hills for stunning views.

Also in Selvågen, there was less plastic on the beach after our departure than before. The deck is filling up with old fishing nets.

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