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Daudmannsodden-Ymerbukta – 11th July 2019

The last day – time is flying! We have made good speed and arrived outer Isfjord in the early morning, so we continued a few miles to the north, into Forlandsund (how many times did we sail through Forlandsund on this trip ..?). We went ashore in one of the beautiful bays on Spitsbergen’s west coast, and after a full day at sea, it was good to get some tundra under our rubber boots again! Next to all the beautiful flowers and wildlife of the tundra, we found remains of a dead sperm whale on the beach and a lepidurus glacialis (no idea about the common name) in a little lake.

Gallery – Daudmannsodden-Ymerbukta – 11th July 2019

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Later, we went ashore once again, then in Ymerbukta. Some of us walked along the shore towards the glacier and others crossed the huge moraine to enjoy silent views of the arctic nature. Time to say goodbye – for this time. It was great, big thanks to all of you who were part of it!

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