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Grimsey – 27th August 2019

We stay for a day on Grimsey to give the storm between Iceland and Greenland some time to ease out. And you can obviously spend a lovely day here! The little island of Grimsey is the northernmost inhabited part of Iceland – only Kolbeinsey is further north, but that is merely a rock – and it is situated right on the arctic circle. There is a monument to mark the cirle. Unfortunately the tilt of the axis of the earth has changed since. Hence, the arctic circle has moved northwards. So they had to build a new monument, this time in shape of a concrete ball that can be moved further to the north as needed. Until the northern end of the island is reached. There are still a few hundred metres of land.

Gallery – Grimsey – 27th August 2019

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Thousands of arctic terns rest on the runway of the little airfield. They have to be scared away before the small plane can land that connects Grimsey to mainland Iceland. Out of coincidence, we happen to watch this funny event.

Northern fulmars and some kittiwakes are still sitting on the cliffs. The puffins and guillemots have already left.

Fresh local fish in the restaurant near the harbour for lunch. Lovely.

Fresh local fish on board for dinner. Lovely.

By now, we have explored all hiking trails around Grimsey. So tomorrow we can take off for Greenland 🙂

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