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Eyafjordur – 26th August 2019

You don’t have to be a professional meteorologist to see where you do currently not want to be with a 20 meter sailing boat. Given the choice to sit in a hot pool in Akureyri’s fabulous public swimming pool instead. I would call this an easy choice our weather window will open up, it is not far away anymore. But not now.

Wetterkarte - 25-08-2019

Weather map from 2019/08/25

Gallery – Eyafjordur – 26th August 2019

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We are leaving at noon, sailing northwards through the long Eyafjordur. Light rain showers are alternating with blue skies and hot sunshine, producing a wide mix of temperature variations and light impressions, including some lovely rainbows. Humpback whales show their blows and flukes a couple of times, while we are passing small islands and harbours, mountains and watersfalls on our way to the north coast. Our destination for today is Grimsey, the northernmost inhabited part of Iceland, an island situated directly on the arctic circle. There, we want to wait a day or so until the storm between Iceland and Greenland has calmed down.

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