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Talks about careful re-opening of tourism

Several meetings have taken place in Longyearbyen this week with representatives of the tourism industry, the Sysselmannen and other authorities to discuss options for a careful opening of tourism, upon which many jobs depend.

A central task is creating a plan with hygiene- and other practical measures that ensure a safe and healthy practice for travelling. Such a plan is now work in process.

Sysselmannen Kjerstin Askholt emphasizes that a quick and complete restart will not happen. The idea is a careful and step-wise approach of a normal situation. Public health and safety, with the limited emergency and health services in mind, will have priority.

All involved seek a date to start first activities to give the companies a basis for planning. Such a date is not known at this time.

Hospital, Longyearbyen

Hospital in Longyearbyen: Capacities are limited and the next big hospital far away.

It is unclear which ways of travelling will be possible again to start with. The assumption that tourism will, for a while, be limited to forms of travelling that involve limited numbers of persons and that take place not far from existing infrastructure seems to make sense. It is also unclear for how long and how far practical or, possibly, other limitations for international traffic will be in place.

Currently and at least until 18th May, everybody who arrives in Spitsbergen needs to stay in quarantine for 14 days.

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