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Corona: Arctica II in August cancelled

It is not a good year for tourism and this will probably not really change at any time soon, especially when it comes to the combination of small ships and remote areas. Even though ship-based tourism is now, in theory, possible again in Spitsbergen under strict conditions and Norway is about to open borders again for European tourists, the conditions are strict and make if very difficult, or actually pretty much impossible, to start sailing again especially with small ships.

Spitsbergen with SY Arctica II: cancelled because of Corona

With Arctica II in drift ice near Spitsbergen: we would have loved to do that in August. But it won’t happen because of the Corona crisis.

So, long story, short message: now we are sadly forced to cancel also our trip with the sailing boat Arctica II in August because of Corona. All participants will asap be contacted by the Geographische Reisegesellschaft.

last modification: 2020-06-30 · copyright: Rolf Stange