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Norway opens for tourists from 15 July

Norway wants to open borders for tourists from Europe (Schengen area/European Economic Area) outside Scandinavia from 15 July. In a press release, the Norwegian government explains that there will still be restrictions: The Norwegian Folkehelseinstitutt (authoritiy for public health) will monitor the Corona development in relevant countries and regions. Tourists from areas with SARS-Coronavirus-2 (“Corona”) infections above a certain threshold will have to stay in quarantine for 10 days in Norway. Tourists who need to stay in quarantine and who want to travel to Spitsbergen have to to their quarantine on the Norwewian mainland and can only travel further on to Spitsbergen when they have done their time.

Also tourists from countries who do not monitor the development appropriately or who do not publish relevant data will have to expect such restrictions.

The Folkehelseinstitutt publishes a map that shows countries in green or red. Tourists from countries shown in green will be able to enter Norway without quarantine from 15 July (earlier for Scandinavian tourists). Currently, the map shows only Scandinavia. An updated version including all European countries that are part of the Schengen area or European Economic Area is expected for 10 July. It will be updated at least every 14 days.

Corona-Karte Skandinavien

Map of the Folkehelseinstitutt: tourists from green countries may enter Norway without quarantine. Currently only Scandinavia is shown, Europe will follow on 10 July.

Currently, only people with special reasons such as close family relationships, work or property may enter Norway under certain regulations (unless you are Scandinavian but not Swedish).

last modification: 2020-06-26 · copyright: Rolf Stange