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The page for the weekend: Svenskehuset

The new page for the weekend (and beyond) is dedicated to Svenskehuset at Kapp Thordsen: built in 1872, is it today the oldest house on Spitsbergen that is still standing. Originally, the place was the focus of the Swedish dream to turn Spitsbergen into a Swedish colony. But as soon as the next winter, 17 Norwegian sailors died there under circumstances that remained a mystery for more than 100 years. Since then, the house is also known as Spøkelseshuset (the haunted house).

Two more winterings followed later, including the Swedish expedition of the first International Polar Year in 1882-83. One of the expedition members was a young, then unknown ingenieer named Salomon August Andrée.


Svenskehuset at Kapp Thordsen: Spitsbergen’s oldest house and site of several famous winterings.
This ist just a screenshot – click here for a virtual tour through Svenskehuset.

There is now a whole weppage dedicated to Svenskehuset, with all of the stories in some detail and – even better – a virtual tour that takes you through every room of the famous hous. There is a completely new version of the virtual tour that runs like a film – Click here and enjoy 🙂

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